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39 inch Wide Hospitality Rollaway Bed with 6 inch Tufted Premium Innerspring Mattress Review

Everyone sleeps, whether in their cozy homes or when on vacation at a friend or family’s house. However, not everybody has the luxury of space around the house to accommodate guests or instantly have a bed right when they want to relax. With the Hospitality Rollaway Bed, you get the luxury of an amazingly comfortable mattress and get to have a good night’s sleep anywhere you please!

A folding bed on wheels also proves to be a nice gesture to allow guests to sleep well and make themselves feel at home rather than making them sleep on a sofa bed or just the couch. There are a number of remarkable features that make this model stand out from the rest of the models we have reviewed (you can click here and go the comparison to find the best for your needs):

Extreme Comfort and Durability

The generously sized 6″ quilted and tufted innerspring mattress is comprised of an Active Support technology which is designed to respond seamlessly with body movements. This dynamic reaction is impressively intelligent and smart enough to suit every individual’s contours. The tempered coils adjust accordingly and actively as you move during sleep and becomes firmer as body weight is applied on it. This customizes its form corresponding to the person who is sleeping on it, and minimizes any discomfort on any part of the body.

The 39 inch Wide Hospitality Rollaway Bed with 6 inch Tufted Premium Innerspring Mattress is skillfully and innovatively crafted with an angle steel frame that’s double braced which ensures its long life. It exhibits a rigid form backed up with the support of a coil spring foundation and link support deck, along with a big wheel kit. All parts are evidently heavy duty, being made of steel including the side rails measuring 1′ x 1″ x 12 gauge, an with its rated capacity of 280 pounds. This 39″ width bed elicits just the right height of 18″ above ground and the top of the mattress about 24″ off the floor for getting on and off the bed with ease.

The wheels are made sturdy and durable as well, to match the overall outstanding quality of the frame and mattress. They are strong enough to withstand wear and tear unlike other rollaway beds made with poor quality wheels which defeat the purpose of its portability. The peace of mind of having a stable and sturdy bed with a mattress that yields superior comfort is unbeatable!

Easy to Setup, Take Down, Roll, and Store

One of the main points of getting a rollaway bed is the fact that you simply roll it out for assembly, and roll it away for quick and easy storage. Built with an Automatic Leg Opening feature, life is made easier with this particular model. Once the bed is opened and then lowered flat, its head and foot of the bed functions in line with it and automatically lowered. You won’t be dealing with any frustration upon lowering the bed’s legs into its proper position for stability and safety during use, and the same goes when folding it as the legs automatically retract into the frame to your convenience.

Given its size that’s ample and roomy enough, your rollaway bed remains manageable such that even just one person can set it up in a breeze and almost effortlessly take it down. The 8-inch steel with rubber wheels and its 5-inch ball bearing swivel casters make it fairly easy to move around and maneuver into tight places. Storing is no fuss at all as it requires a smaller space compared to bulky beds. Uneven flooring would not pose any problem during handling, which eliminates any worries and safety risks when pushing and pulling it.

Great Sleep, Great Comfort, and Great Value

sleepingGet the high-quality sleep and utmost comfort you deserve in line with the satisfaction receiving great value for your money with the Hospitality Rollaway Bed. The premium innerspring mattress makes this possible, set upon a reliable frame, and made available at a reasonable price.

Having a good sleep is essential for a person’s well being, and by good means getting continuous sleep for a sufficient number of hours. This requires a good bed which will allow you to easily fall asleep, sink deeper into slumber, and without your body experiencing any discomfort while you rest. You wake up feeling delightfully refreshed, invigorated, and energized for a new day! This way, you have a better mood, get yourself into a better state of mind and body, and become generally happier.

Getting a well-deserved sleep does not have to be difficult nor too complicated. Sometimes all it takes is acquiring the simplest of things like a rollaway bed. Today’s technology has allowed the manufacture of products designed to provide you with comfort in daily living, and there’s no reason to deprive yourself of one of the simple joys in life, wherein one of them is making yourself as comfortable as you can be!

Though there may be cheaper models may appear very enticing, it won’t be for long when you soon realize what a waste of your hard-earned money it has been. No doubt, the reason why they come cheap is due to compromised flimsy parts and sure enough, they possess less sturdiness and shorter frame and mattress life. Worse, not only could you feel discomfort resulting to interrupted sleep, but you can end up with unwanted body aches too upon waking up. Save yourself from this possibility by getting only the best rollaway bed.

Conclusion and Summary

Your best interest in mind along with your safety, health, comfort and convenience is the primary goal of the best rollaway beds you can get today. It’s ease of use, from assembly to taking down and storage lets you place it on the ideal spot where you want it to be, without requiring extensive efforts on your part. With a rollaway bed, it’s almost unnecessary to fix your bed in the mornings upon waking up, which makes it a perfect fit for the fast-paced lifestyle even for everyday use.

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Anyone who sleeps on it gets some well-deserved and much-needed sleep with the unsurpassed comfort of its top-quality mattress, ultra comfort, and sturdiness, without the risk of falling off.

A truly comfortable good night’s sleep can go a long way, like helping develop better relationships and allowing you to be in your best shape. It renders you alert, more productive throughout the day, and make you deliver your best performance in the activities you need to accomplish. The lifetime¬†limited warranty of the Hospitality Rollaway Bed is one form of assurance you can get that makes it a wise investment for your home.



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