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Sleep Master Traveler Premier Folding Twin Guest Bed Review

Zinus now presents the all-new sleep master foldable twin guest bed for the ultimate convenience. It is the most suitable way to treat a guest who comes for an overnight visit to the house. The twin-sized bed is very easy to store. The frame of the bed is highly durable. The bed comes with a bonus cover to protect it from moisture and dust. When guests arrive, there will be no problem accommodating them with the sleep master twin guest bed. Most guest beds only measure about 30 inches in width, but the sleep master folding guest bed measures 38 inches in width and 75 inches in length. You can compare the sizes of the different folding beds on this page, with a handy comparison chart!

The comfortable 4 inch thick mattress consists of one inch top layer of pressure relieving foam and three inches of high density base support foam for extra support. The foam used in the foldable guest bed is certified under the CertiPur –US certificate of quality, content, and durability.

The grid shaped design of the mattress provides optimum support and prevent the mattress from sagging. The frame of the bed stands at 14 inches above the ground, leaves enough room under the bed for the luggage, and boxes to be stored. The foldable guest bed is ideal for traveling, sleepovers and camping. The mattress is so comfortable that the person staying over may want to spend another extra night.

Is The Comfort Level Good? How Sturdy Is This Model?

The foldable rollaway guest bed is a very sturdy bed with a size of 75 inches x 38 inches x 14 inches. The memory foam twin mattress is four inches thick. The bed stands at about 14 inches in height when fully assembled. The foam mattress and the frame combined have the ability to support a 300 pound person many nights in one row.

The length of the bed is enough for a six-foot man to sleep in comfortably. The deluxe metal frame supports the mattress using a suspended deck. The main aim of the support deck is to absorb the weight of the sleeper and evade a bouncy feeling. The minute you lie down on the regular rollaway beds, your back starts to feel uneasy and stressed. The durable deck on the foldable rollaway bed will give the user a sense of security and peace of mind.

Springs and a durable metal structure, which will not buckle under the weight, support the mattress. The mattress is thin and luxurious; it will provide optimum back support. The three-stand base, at the base of the bed; one stand in the middle, two on either ends gives a sturdy feeling to the bed. Whether you sleep on the rollaway bed for a single night or for multiple nights in a row, it is sure to last you a long time.

Assembling And Storing Is Easy!

The twin bed is ideal for adults due to its impressive dimensions. The lightweight structure of the bed makes it easy to assemble and store away. The frame is both lightweight as well as strong. The rollaway bed comes partially pre-assembled. The bed is easy to assemble once it arrives. The mattress is attached to the rollaway bed using straps. So when the person sleeping on it twists and turns, the mattress does not move out of place.

The coil springs at the bottom of the bed, make it extremely sturdy. When it comes to folding and removing the bed, the process is extremely simple. When you leave home, just fold it and put it away in a corner. When the guest arrives, take it back out, assemble it, and place the bedding on the top.

Once it has already been folded, the bed is extremely compact and ergonomic. It will fit inside any cupboard or closet. The large cover, which the bed comes along with, is big enough for the bed to fit. The strong yet lightweight deluxe metal frame makes it easy to lift and to move around.

The compact rollaway bed will fit into just about any corner or nook. If there is a small sized guestroom in your house, there is no need to worry, as the caster at the bottom of the bed makes it extremely easy to lug and change the setting of the bed when required.

Sleep Comfort And Value For Money

The foam mattress consist of a thick one inch layer of quality padding on the top and an addition 3 inches of foam at the bottom in order to provide maximum comfort to the sleeper. The soft comfortable mattress gives a person a good night’s rest.

Most of the conventional foldable rollaway beds have mattresses, which are rugged and difficult to sleep on. However, the sleep master traveler premier folding twin guest bed has a memory foam mattress, which has the ability to adjust to the contours of your body and aid in snug cozy sleep. The CertiPur certification makes the mattress of the highest quality.

The positive customer reviews about the mattress has said that it does not attract bed bugs, moisture dirt, mold and does not start growing fungi. The mattress is ideal for sensitive skin and is extremely comfortable and easy on the posture while sleeping.

At the price that the sleep master rollaway bed is being sold for on Amazon, it is a complete steal given the comfort and the durability of the bed. The squeaking noises are minimal and the sleep master serves as a great transition bed.

Our Summary Of The Sleep Master Traveler Premier Folding Twin Guest Bed

The Sleep master foldable twin bed is a brilliant innovation. It is ideal for the unexpected guest who shows up on the doorstep. The strong  corrosion resistant metal frame is effective against dirt and moisture. Every night on the sleep master is stress free and peaceful. One can sleep on it worry free.

Usually no one can predict the longevity of a product. The consumer has to make an informed decision and leave things up to fate. However, with the sleep master, that decision does not have to be made , as the sleep master is practical and safe to use .

It has received a lot of positive customer reviews and feedback from the users.



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