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Milliard Premium Twin – Ultimate Comfort And Sturdiness

If you have been struggling with sleeping arrangements for your visiting friends and family and always finding yourself lacking proper sleeping accommodations, then your search has come to an end. Today, we are presenting you with Milliard Premium TWIN, a luxurious rollaway bed which will accommodate the needs of even the most sensitive sleepers.

The bed includes a number of features that will make for an extremely comfortable and reliable sleeping option. For starters, this rollaway bed is extremely sturdy, with the frame made of the most durable steel that can support hundreds of pounds of weigh

Furthermore, the TWIN rollaway bed allows for extreme comfort with its thick but supple memory foam mattress which provides both superior support and soft enjoyable sleeping surface. Never let your friends have another sleepless night due to discomfort caused by poor sleeping surfaces in your home.

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The Milliard Premium Twin rollaway bed offers two main benefits, extreme comfort and ultimate sturdiness. On the one hand the very sturdy frame allows for just about anyone to sleep with no fear of losing support, while the super comfortable memory foam mattress gives you the sense of sleeping on a cloud.

The frame itself is constructed of high quality steel that is almost impossible to bend or twist. The frame is also very sleek and modern looking, so your bed will not look like something you would find at an army hospital, while the support it will give you is unprecedented for a rollaway bed.

The memory foam mattress on the other hand provides the ultimate comfort, as it is made of the most breathable and enjoyable materials possible and using modern technologies. The memory foam which makes up the mattress will adjust to the shape of your body perfectly, but will not cause you to lose support or feeling of safety at any time. When you get up, the foam reverts to the original position within seconds.

The mattress comes covered with a super soft cover which you can remove and change at any time, but which is also state of the art and provides an extra bit of comfort. All in all, the Milliard Premium TWIN is truly one of the best blends of sturdy construction and comfortable design you can find on the market.


Another fantastic thing about this rollaway bed is the fact that assembly and disassembly are super simple. The bed comes in a box and once you unwrap it all you need to do is screw the wheels in and you are good to go. No tools or expertise are needed whatsoever.

When it comes to storing the bed, this rollaway bed is fairly simple to store. Since it is a bit bigger in its unfolded state, the folded bed will also take up a bit more space. The bed can be ordered in two different sets of dimensions, depending on your needs, with the bigger version being 38 inches by 75 inches unfolded. You will easily be able to roll this bed away within seconds, once you fold it up, The rolled up bed will store easily in your closet or in your storage room and greatly free up the space in your living rooms and bedrooms when your guests are gone.


According to countless customer reviews and our own impression of this rollaway bed, it is truly one of the most amazing options currently on the market. The sturdy construction mixed with the comfortable memory foam mattress provide for both the ultimate support and all the comfort you could possibly want.

The only thing better to sleep on are the big French beds you might have in your bedroom, but considering the amazingly small amount of space this bed will take up, it is your absolute best option for when your friends and family come to visit.

Looking at the monetary value, the bed will certainly be worth every penny as it will cost a lot less than a standard bed, while taking up a lot less space and providing pretty much the same amount of comfort and support for people to sleep on.


  • Luxurious Design
  • Ultimate Comfort
  • Fantastic Support and Sturdiness
  • Reasonable Price
  • Easy to Store and Assemble


  • Let Us Know If You Find Some



I am having my elderly family members over, will they be comfortable?

Absolutely yes! This bed is designed to support the needs of anyone including elderly or injured people.

Are the dimensions fixed?

There are several options to pick from in terms of dimensions as well as color and design.

Will I need help assembling this bed?

No, the bed is extremely simple to assemble as it comes folded and ready to use. The only thing you will need to do is screw in the wheels which can be done with no tools whatsoever

I am a bit heavy, will this bed support me?

This bed will easily support up to 300 pounds of weight. You should have no problem fitting pretty much anyone with the sturdy frame it provides.


If it is a rollaway bed you are looking for, you will hardly find a better option than the Milliard Premium TWIN. This bed comes at a very reasonable price and provides everything a bed possibly could, both in frame and in mattress departments.

The bed can be stored away quickly and easily in a very confined space, being so compact and easy to fold. The modern materials and design will also allow for great integration within any modern apartment or house, which means your place won’t look like a zoo when you unfold this rollaway bed.

No matter who you are planning on hosting, whether older family or your friends, no one should have any major complaints about this bed. Pretty muchall the customers who left a review on this rollaway bed have shown great satisfaction (check it out!) with both the design and technical elements.

We recommend purchasing Milliard Premium Twin for ultimate luxury and comfort in terms of foldable beds and we could not honestly say a word against it.


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