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My Folding Guest Bed Video

Here is something you DON’T see everyday. A song dedicated to rollaway beds! I made this video as my wife figured this website needed a bit of a laugh. And laugh you will, when you see me make a fool of myself singing a song about folding guest beds.

The song portion of the video was actually recorded on a cheap mobile phone, so don’t judge the quality! I wrote the song based on the beds found in this article: Roll Away Beds For Sale: A Comparison Of The Best Folding Guest Beds.

The first part of my video is a sort of whiteboard animation I had made. I like it! It used the 12 Reasons To Buy A Rollaway Bed as depicted on the the infographic (click the link to visit that page).

  • Let me briefly summarize the 12 reasons you would want to purchase of these:
  • The price! Tight budget? Not a problem. The beds retail for as low as $90 and the real nice ones are $600!
  • The selection! As mentioned in the first point, there are tons of models to choose from. So rest easy! (see what I did there?)
  • Easy to store! Ya, fold it up, roll it away, stuff it in a closet. Whatever works my friends.
  • Numerous sizes! People come in different shapes and sizes. Rollaway beds do too!

Now that we got that out of the way… I bet you’re waiting for the lyrics so you can sing along, right? No problem. I happily give you the lyrics to the Rollaway Bed Song:

My wife and I live all alone,
In a little brown shack, we call our own,
I love her and she loves me,
We also love some company


Ha ha ha you and me and a rollaway bed for company
Ha ha ha  you and me rollaway bed how I love thee

When people came and wished to stay
We bought a bed that rolls away,
It opens up so easily
And its comfy cozy you will see


We pull it out we push it back
It fits right in our little shack
Its sturdy and its really strong
And saves us space the whole day long


So if you love your company
Buy a rollaway bed and you will see
It doesn’t matter large or small
A rollaway bed will fit them all

Chorus x 2

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