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Folding Bed 36×79″ Box Spring Mattress Edward (original) Review

Are you expecting more guests than your current bed setup can accommodate? Are you fond of occasionally hosting sleepovers at your place during the weekend? If this is the case, perhaps it means you should think of accommodating your guests in much more creative and comfy way – without really investing in a traditional bed.

A portable bed with mattress may just be the answer to your lifestyle and concerns. The Roll Away Folding Bed 36’’x79″ Box Spring Mattress is attracting many reviews from buyers who can’t wait to say something about their new acquisition. Comfort, flexibility, and portability are among the key things they are highlighting in their reviews on consumer product sites. It is more expensive than other models we’ve reviewed as you can see on the table here.


How Comfortable And Sturdy Is This Model?

Chiropractors, doctors and other medical experts tout the benefits of spending nights on a comfy and sturdy bed.

Whereas comfort tends to be subjective where beds and mattresses are involved, it is safe to rely on user ratings. If the majority of users are saying the Edward Folding Bed is comfy and sturdy, then we’ve got to believe them at all cost; why, because statistics rarely lie.

It’s tricky to strike the right balance between too comfortable and too little support. And the trickiness of the matter escalates further when older individuals are involved.

You see, there’s a tried and true mattress maxim that is recommended for all people regardless of their age. We don’t want too much support. Yet again, we don’t want too little of it. If a mattress fails in this department, chances are that it won’t conform to the contours of our bodies, and this can cause back pain among other problems.

Thankfully, the Edward (original) does a good job in making sure that proper posture is maintained when sleeping.

The average human being should sleep for at least 8 hours. However, subjecting the spine to an inappropriate sleeping posture for 8 hours is like telling it not to function the next day. And it’s not the spine alone that needs support. In fact, even your neck, arms, legs and the rest of the body need to stay in an upright position all night long. This model ensures that your back doesn’t suffer due to prolonged sleeping in the wrong posture.

An Amazon user was reported saying that this bed felt very solid the first time she bought it. It has never disappointed her, given that her husband weighs 300 pounds. He bounces on it and it holds his weight all night long.

Once the bolts and nuts have been tightened in their correct place, you shouldn’t have problems with this great bed. Our verdict is that as far as comfort and sturdiness goes, this bed rates a solid 10 out of 10.

How Easy Is It To Assemble, Disassemble and Store This Unit?

This is a portable bed and mattress, so you should only expect it to score highly in this department.

You see, when consumers go for portability, they are looking for something they can easily set up and fold back when not in use.

So the bottom line is; the Edward Roll Away Guest Bed defines the true essence of portability. It comes with all bolts and nuts you will use to fasten it together. Also, the screws will fit into the rollers effortlessly. And then you can roll it to the desired location using the 4 swivel wheels.

The bed folds nicely into place, thanks to the Velcro straps that the manufacturer uses in place of metal hinges. Anything metallic is supposed to add weight onto the bed, and by doing so, we end up defying the true definition of portability.

Therefore, in terms of ease of assembly/dis-assembly, the bed scores really well.

NoteIt is advised that two people should be involved in folding/unfolding the bed because there’s a slight danger of one side dropping on the floor during the process of setting it up.

Sleep Quality and Value For The Money

sleepingAs at the time of writing this review, this bed had 4.1 out 5 stars. This came from 18 customer reviews, most of which were satisfied with how the bed measured up to its description and value for money.

It is important to mention that the mattress of this bed does a great job when it comes to even distribution of your body weight.

You see, if the mattress you’re currently using doesn’t support you entirely, it means one part of your body tends to sag into the mattress every time you lie on it at night. As a result, this interferes with your ZZZZ moments, right?

It is also said that proper sleep equals sufficient rest. When the body is at rest (thanks to a decent bed like the Rollaway bed), it does a lot of things in order to repair and rejuvenate its cells. The human growth hormone is activated while insulin levels are reduced. Without a proper mattress like the one found on Rollaway Folding 36×79 bed, the user would miss out on these health benefits.

Simply put, the Edward model here was designed with your body requirements in mind. A few people would say that the mattress is too firm to offer them the right comfort that is needed for a peaceful sleep.

But it’s only a matter of getting used to the bed as sudden transition from a soft mattress to a firm one will always feel awkward. In fact, that’s the only reason some users knocked off a star or two when they gave their ratings for this bed!

It should be noted that this bed comes with a 5.5’’ box spring mattress (which is the recommended mattress for sleeping at night. The total weight is 8.3 pounds, and dimensions are 79 x 36 x 18 inches. It’s designed by Bed & Bath Inc, a reputable brand that everyone loves to buy from. So it’s definitely worth investing your money on this unit, even though it is one of the higher priced models available.

Summing It Up

Those customer reviews on Amazon should encourage you to buy this bed because there are many benefits you will get from it. Your guests will appreciate your kindness because you mind their comfort and health.

However, even if you’re not buying it for someone else, this bed will still serve your purpose well, except for some problems that we must admit, are subjective to all customers. So when buying this bed, make sure you look for the title ‘’Roll Away Bed, Folding Bed 36×79″ Box Spring Mattress’’ by Edward.

Once it has been delivered to your home, it should last several years to come, thanks to its solid construction.

You can get more consumer input by clicking the following link and going to Amazon to check the great prices and shipping options!



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